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The case against empathy


Who can be against empathy? If our moral intuitions align on anything, is it not on the idea that empathy for other human beings is a good thing? What harm could come from identifying with the thoughts and feelings of our fellow creatures? According to Paul Bloom, a professor of psychology...

Why Sad Faces Equal Happier Fundraising


We’ve all heard the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Nonprofits routinely use pictures to communicate their messages to their constituents. Usually, the photos are selected to represent the people who will be helped by supporting the mission of the nonprofit. A basic...

Tips For Donating Clothing, Linens And Accessories To Charity


According to a report on the CBS news program , Sunday Morning, emergency and relief agencies often receive so many donated articles that the goods become a burden rather than a benefit. When literally tons of clothes arrive to a local disaster site or go overseas disaster areas, there is...