WikiNiki's missions

We’re levelling the playing field for every charity and bringing their activities into one place.

Find charities
We believe there is an imbalance in the charity sector as most of income goes to only some of charities.
Our platform aims to give all charities an equal opportunity to share their missions, projects and achievements, and easily be found.

The diversity and magnitude of actions and impact by charities in Iran is something that would surprise many of us!
We are the place for anyone looking for charities and causes to support, volunteer and donate to.

We all want more transparency, and most of us would donate more if we were given more information on how money is being spent by charities and the impact they are making.
To us, transparency is delivering understandable and comparable information on what charities do and how they are run.
We aim to provide this through structured charity profiles where charities can present their projects and missions clearly, in addition to financial information sourced from the Charities Commission.

Our experience in the charitable sector indicates that money is not the only valuable resource to charities.
The millions of volunteers and tons of goods donated every year also help charities make a difference.
So in addition to money donations, charities are able to ask for skills-based volunteers, both new and used goods and resources through our platform.

WikiNiki platform is here to build networks to help charities!

Improving Efficiency
The more impactful and efficient the charity, the better. so WikiNiki offers a cost-effective market place for all charities.

Instead of spending money on untargeted direct mail and advertising, charities can promote themselves in one place, to a whole network of individuals who want to hear about them and their causes.

WikiNiki will revolutionise charities’ digital presence through this platform, with easy to use templates and shareable digital content and features.

Individuals will be able to easily find charities, causes, and how to get involved in one place.
The system is built from in depth knowledge of how charities operate as well as what experience donors are looking for enabling charities to communicate efficiently with their donors and volunteers.

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