Gol Buteh Omid Charity

148615442 98 5,000 Toman unavailable

Gol Buteh Omid Charity

Activity Area Health
Functional Area Education + Sanitary and Treatment
Geographical Region Tehran

Nikan Mamoot Charity

148607868 98 5,000 Toman unavailable

Nikan Mamoot Charity Foundation

Activity Area Social Development
Functional Area Distributor + maintenance and Guardianship + Sanitary and therapeutic
Geographical Region Tehran

Payane Carton Khabi Charity

148607867 98 5,000 Toman unavailable

Payane Carton Khabi Group

Activity Area Society Improvement
Functional Area distributor + rehabilitation
Geographical Region Tehran

Behnam Daheshpour Charity

148602791 98 5,000 Toman unavailable

Charity Organization for Supporting Cancer Patients

Activity Area Health
Functional Area Sanitary and Therapeutic
Geographical Region Tehran

Mehrgiti Charity

148602790 98 5,000 Toman unavailable

Mehrgiti Charity Organization

Activity Area Education
Functional Area Developmental
Geographical Region Tehran

Raad Charity

148602789 98 5,000 Toman unavailable

Raad Charity Educational Complex

Activity Area Health
Functional Area Sanitary and Therapeutic + Maintenance and Guardianship + Educational + Rehabilitation
Geographical Region Tehran

Mahak Charity

148601112 98 5,000 Toman unavailable

Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer

Activity Area The health
Functional Area Sanitary and Treatment, Developmental, Research, Maintenance and Guardianship
Geographical Region Tehran