WikiNiki has listed active charities in Iran in its database based on the field, how they function and what they are doing.


Gol Buteh Omid Charity

148615442 98 €5,000 unavailable

Gol Buteh Omid Charity

Activity Area Health
Functional Area Education + Sanitary and Treatment
Geographical Region Tehran

Nikan Mamoot Charity

148607868 98 €5,000 unavailable

Nikan Mamoot Charity Foundation

Activity Area Social Development
Functional Area Distributor + maintenance and Guardianship + Sanitary and therapeutic
Geographical Region Tehran

Payane Carton Khabi Charity

148607867 98 €5,000 unavailable

Payane Carton Khabi Group

Activity Area Society Improvement
Functional Area distributor + rehabilitation
Geographical Region Tehran

Behnam Daheshpour Charity

148602791 98 €5,000 unavailable

Charity Organization for Supporting Cancer Patients

Activity Area Health
Functional Area Sanitary and Therapeutic
Geographical Region Tehran

Mehrgiti Charity

148602790 98 €5,000 unavailable

Mehrgiti Charity Organization

Activity Area Education
Functional Area Developmental
Geographical Region Tehran

Raad Charity

148602789 98 €5,000 unavailable

Raad Charity Educational Complex

Activity Area Health
Functional Area Sanitary and Therapeutic + Maintenance and Guardianship + Educational + Rehabilitation
Geographical Region Tehran

Mahak Charity

148601112 98 €5,000 unavailable

Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer

Activity Area The health
Functional Area Sanitary and Treatment, Developmental, Research, Maintenance and Guardianship
Geographical Region Tehran