Social Entrepreneurship

20 February; World Day of Social Justice


Social justice is an underlying principle for peaceful and prosperous coexistence within and among nations

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?


Corporate social responsibility is not a mandated practice in the Iran and other countries; instead, it is something extra that companies do to improve their local and global communities.

How Nonprofits Benefit from Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a new concept in Iran. Therefore, companies should get familiar with the benefits of social responsibility .In this article we know that In addition to benefiting companies from Corporate Social Responsibility, Nonprofits will also

Top 10 Reasons to Support Fair Trade


Fair Trade products are made in safe and healthy working conditions, where farmers and producers receive a fair price and have a voice in how their workplace is run.

Power‌‌ of‌ Collaboration for Charities and Non-Profits


 What the benefits of collaborating are with each other?

What is social entrepreneurship?


Social entrepreneurship is applying practical, innovative and sustainable approaches to benefit society in general, with an emphasis on those who are marginalized and poor.enterprise development.

5 Essentials to Social Entrepreneurship


Does becoming a social entrepreneur and doing some good in the world sound like your dream job? If so, in this article are 5 essentials to social entrepreneurship in 2018.