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More about WikiNiki

Wikiniki has been officially launched since 2016 with the knowledge of the problems in the field of philanthropy in Iran.

wikiniki's aim is:
developing the proper culture of charity in iranian society with WikiNiki.

There are over thousands of registered and nonregistered charities in Iran. The diversity of the sector and the massive differences in size, operational models and causes make direct comparisons almost impossible. 

 WikiNiki wishes to make things easier and whether you are comparing similar or very different  types of charities, we suggest you to consider the following: 


What should matter the most is the impact a charity is making. Comparing a single financial indicator of a charity does not provide information about the success rate of their work. 

In order to understand this, you need to underestand about charities (change plan) :

  • what challenges they overcome?
  • How and what difference they are aiming to make?

charities should consider what change they wish to be a part of and maybe think of their impact portfolio as an investment, where they make some short term projects and alongside invest in more longer term visions of change.

Spillover impact

Measured charity impact is usually restricted to the “cause” and the “change plan” for the official beneficiaries.
However, some charities do so much more and some have significant spill-over effects as a result of their core activities.

Values and Ethics

Every charity declares their mission statement. Their mission and related values guide their actions to tackle challenges in our society.

  • These values stated should be reflected in everyday operations of the charity and be apparent to everyone, whether a volunteer, beneficiary or a member of public interested to hear more.

  • Obey laws, regulations and industry standards, it is crucially important for charities to demonstrate ethical leadership, due to the basic nature of their work.

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