What is WikiNiki?

Wikiniki is an Iranian’s most comprehensive platform.
Wikiniki has been designed to use technology in favor of social interests; So that finally, donors, volunteers and charities and NGOs can be more productive in fulfilling society's demands.


WikiNiki's aim

Wikiniki wants to be a Reference and guide for all of those who are analyzing charities ctivities seeking to know what those charities do and what their purposes are.
Wikiniki follows ethics to carry out more influence on our society and also to increase the transparency of charities and NGO's functions.

WikiNiki's Mission

Effectively, WikiNiki seeks to increase transparency of charities for donors and volunteers.
Wikiniki is levelling the playing field for every charity and bringing their activities into one place.
WikiNiki's platform is here to build networks to help charities!
WikiNiki offers a cost-effective market place for all charities.

WikiNiki in Media

Since the provision of services and activities by Wikiniki are perfectly new and pristine, it has been noticed by so many medias.
In this section we will bring to attention the reactions of different medias to Wikiniki’s activities.

WikiNiki's Honors

Wikiniki has received various awards due to it's involvement in the fields of start-ups, sanitation, healthcare and digital activities.
Some of Wikiniki’s honors are mentioned in this section.


Since Wikiniki’s platform and its services are totally different from others, many questions are asked frequently by Wikiniki’s followers and users.
In this section we have covered most of these regular questions.
Ehsan Tavasolizade
Majid Valimohammadi
Executive Director
Sahar Hosseinkhah
Director of Public Relations
Roya Bagheri
Content Production Manager
Mohadeseh Saharkhiz
Social Media Manager
Fatemeh Valimohammadi
Director of the International Department
Kharazm Yaghoobi
Marketing and Sales Manager
AmirHossein Haerian
IT expert