The Central Board of the National Society adopted the first rules and regulations for relief services in 1968. Based on these rules and regulations, the responsibility of providing health and relief services to the victims of man-made and natural disasters was entrusted to the National Society. 

The statute of the Red Crescent Society Currently requires the body to offer the following services:

  1. Provide relief services in the event of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, etc. inside and outside of the country
  2. Send aid workers to offer first aid in accidents
  3. Plan and take action to prepare for the prevention of accidents and emergency training, rescue and training of the required relief and rescue personnel and human resources
  4. Send aid and dispatch relief and treatment teams to other countries if case of emergency
  5. Provide search and rescue services in incidents as much as possible.

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Youth Organisation

Youth Organisation of the Iranian Red Crescent Society was established in 1947. It has two objectives

developing youth participation in decision-making and relevant activities of IRCS and youth training in order to be prepared to implement relief and benevolence services

This organisation in line with its main objectives follows its four main strategies:

  • Based on strategy of recruitment, the organisation recruits interested young people.
    This organisation with more than 2 million young volunteer members in 6 branches of student, children, religious groups, rural, labour and free members work in more than 22,000 centres and clubs.

  • According to the strategy of preparation, the organisation train annually 1,600,000 youth members in three levels:
    centralised training, semi centralised training and training plans such as Taha public training, special training for villagers, benevolence caravan and special plan for leisure time.

  • Based on the strategy of organising, youth organisation has two activities in benevolence groups and relief teams in order to attract the interested youth to become a member of youth Organisation.
  • Finally Youth Organisation based on retention strategy through identifying benevolence and humanitarian activities in environmental, health and supportive activities (such as sending 5000 Benevolence Caravan to disaster affected areas in 2001) and also relief activities including exercise and organising refreshing course encourage youth to work in relief and humanitarian activities.

Volunteers Organisation

The Organisation was established in 1959 with the objective to materialise and promote the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, aiming at more and better coordination and consistency of National Society’s activities to recruit, organise and integrate the activities and volunteer services to support the affected and needy people and vulnerable.

The organization’s core missions include:

  1. Helping to provide the financial and human resources required by the Red Crescent Society in line with its objectives and missions;
  2. Collection and directing of cash and non-cash donations from the public to support victims of domestic and international accidents;
  3. Providing support and social services to patients, the needy and the sick in deprived areas, as the states helper (trustee), by tapping the capacity and potentialities of the benefactors and volunteers in order to utilize and organize people’s support in the form of Jihadist management in the field of economics and culture including health, welfare, protection and prevention services.

IRCS’ Volunteers Organization serves as the support of the IRCS Relief and Rescue Organization, that is responsible for disaster operations

The body is regarded as the most active public network that currently enjoys services of over 700,000 volunteers in guidance, support, skill and partnership groups and 4,000 Helal Volunteer houses. 

All activities of IRCS’ Volunteers Organization are performed through national humanitarian schemes.

Medical Procurement Organisation

Medical Procurement Organisation (MPO) of the IRCS was established in 1955 under the name of “Therapeutic Procurement Organisation” with the aim of providing medicines and medical supplies for the IRCS hospitals and clinics, which in 2002, entered into the name of “Medical Procurement Organisation”. MPO is also a financial auxiliary source of the IRCS.

It now owns and runs several factories as follows:

  1. Medical disposable equipment and supplies factory
  2. Pharmaceutical factories
  3. Herbal medicine processing factory
  4. Remedial production factory
  5. Therapeutic services centre
  6. Health drugstores
  7. Specialised and ad hoc drugstores

Since its establishment, MPO has been remarkably active in producing medical supplies, disposable materials and herbal productions which has brought it to an internationally recognized stance, and through its activities abroad while cooperating with leading pharmaceutical companies, presents high quality medical and medicine supplies to the market via its drugstores and other reliable centres.

Health, Treatment and Rehabilitation Division

Taking into account the relief and treatment mandates in disaster management, auxiliary support to the Iranian health care system, as well as rendering of health services to the needy and deprived people, the IRCS Health, Treatment and Rehabilitation Division has established 20 clinics in 16 provinces of :

A. Medical and Treatment Activities across Iran

B. Treatment Activities Abroad

C. Health Department

In this regard, the three strategies in the National Society’s plan of action include:

a. Information & training

b. Counselling & voluntary test

c. Protection (the infectious person & family)

Hajj Pilgrimage Medical Centre

The main mission of the IRCS medical centre for Hajj pilgrimage is providing health services for Hajj and holy shrines pilgrims in order to ensure them of using suitable medical and health facilities and qualified staff during their holy travel without worrying about their physical situation. This centre focuses on three main areas as health, treatment and training.

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Education, Research and Technology

In 1995, “Research and Training Centre” of the IRCS started its activities and in summer 2002, achieved the agreement and authorisation of Iran Ministry of Sciences, Research & Technology, then formally developed into “Iran Helal Applied Sciences Educational Institute”. 

It is a non beneficiary research and training centre consisting of a Board of Trustees, a Council and Head of the Institute.

The main goals and responsibilities of the Institute include:

1- Promoting and transferring working knowledge relating to the IRCS principles and objectives,

2- Improving disaster preparedness, response and recovery among staff and managing directors of the IRCS,

3- Training qualified human resources,

4- Developing working skills in order to increase utilisation,

5- Establishing coordination between skills and work knowledge pertinent to the IRCS activities.

The Institute has four divisions:

1- Higher Education,
This section is currently managing 5 courses in Associate and Bachelors’ Degrees. It is also planning to handle MA degrees relating to the IRCS objectives.

2- Public, General and Specialised Training,
This division monitors all educational affairs of the IRCS and consists of different units comprising public training, specialised training, in-service training and trainers’ affairs.

3- Research on natural disasters
This section supervises different research plans and projects and has so far accomplished many practical projects. There is a crisis management library for researchers, university masters and students of high educations.

4- Finance & Administration along with Statistics & Computer Services Office.

International Affairs and International Humanitarian Law Division

The International Affairs and International Humanitarian Law Division of the Iranian Red Crescent Society (IRCS) is under the management of IRCS Secretary General.

Helal Iran Textile Industries

The main activities of the company are as follows:

  • To produce tread, cloth and blanket, generally any kind of textile productions and selling production
  • To produce relief, travel tent and other relief accessories
  • To render laboratory services for companies requesting test of their products with independent activity of the laboratory
  • To purchase and import any kind of raw materials, machinery and necessary spare part

Production of Iran-Helal Textile Industries

  • Relief Family tent
  • Travel tent
  • Blanket
  • Youth tent
  • Camp tent
  • Praying tent
  • Mosquito net
  • Mosquito net in form of tent with cover
  • Any kind of relief bags
  • Relief accessories and clothes
  • Sleeping bag
  • Body bag
  • Knapsack

source: Iranian Red Crescent