World NGO Day is an international calendar day annually observed on the 27th of February. 

Officially recognized and declared by the 12 member countries of the IX Baltic Sea NGO Forum of the Council of the Baltic Sea States in 2010 and first time marked by the UN, EU leaders and international organizations in 2014.

World NGO Day aims

World NGO Day aims to inspire people to become more actively involved within NGOs and encourage a greater symbiosis between NGOs and both the public and private sector. The universal concept of the World NGO Day is Celebrate, Commemorate and Collaborate the various NGOs around the world, and the people behind them.

World NGO Day is a day for NGOs around the globe to share knowledge and experiences with one another.
It aims to educate individuals worldwide on NGOs and their impact. The World NGO Day provides an opportunity to honour and remember NGO founders, employees, volunteers, members and supporters.

27 February; World NGO Day

How you can organise WORLD NGO DAY in your city

  •  A day for NGOs around the globe to share knowledge and experiences with one another.
  •  An opportunity for education, enabling individuals worldwide to understand more clearly what NGOs are doing for society locally, nationally and internationally.
  •  An international symbol that displays the efforts and achievements of all NGOs from all sectors.
  •  An opportunity to inspire people to consider a career within the third sector.
  •  An opportunity for individuals to learn more about the people behind NGOs.
  •  An opportunity for NGOs to discuss the issues that affect their work, and form partnerships that can resolve a mutual problem.

What can your business do in WORLD NGO DAY

If you’re already involved in supporting an NGO, or you want to get started, here are some great ways to participate in World NGO Day 2019.

  •  Educate, then spread the word. 
    Make your customers and the community aware of the mission of your chosen NGO and the need for what it does.
    You can use social media, email, your website and public relations to spread the news about both the NGO you support and World NGO Day in general.
  •  Solicit donations.
    Encourage your customers to donate to your chosen NGO.
    Make it fun: Give a percentage of your profits on February 27 to the organization to encourage your customers to buy from you, or offer a discount to every customer who gives X amount.
  •  Get involved.
    Plan and host an event to raise awareness of what your NGO does and how members of the community can participate. You can get templates to help promote your event here
  •  Donate.
    Make a donation to the NGO of your choice. You don’t have to donate money—in fact, donating goods or services can be more effective at raising awareness of your cause.

5 tips to celebrate WORLD NGO DAY

  •  #WorldNGODay – Spread the word.
  •  Cooperating with local schools/universities to run a simulated World NGO Day events for students and pupils to learn about issues at NGOs or opportunities, from local charities to international movements.
  •  Organising activities to raise awareness, such as sharing messages with the community via online, TV, Radio, newsletters or local newspapers.
  •  Hosting celebratory events to raise awareness and funds.
  •  Organising an NGOExchange” event to swap goods and ideas with others. Showcasing the achievements of NGOs through events.