Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a new concept in Iran. Therefore, Iranian companies should get familiar with the benefits of social responsibility.
In this article we know that In addition to benefiting companies from Corporate Social Responsibility, Nonprofits will also.

Nonprofits Benefit from CSR

1. Funding Via Matching Gift Programs

Corporations that offer matching gift programs essentially double the donations that their employees are giving to eligible nonprofits.

What more could an organization want?

Truthfully, matching gifts are a bit more complicated.
Each company has a different set of guidelines, deadlines, and requirements that must be met before they’ll match an employee’s contribution to a nonprofit.

However, the opportunity to receive twice as many donations still hangs in the air for organizations looking to benefit from corporate social responsibility programs.

2. More Volunteer Participation

Corporations that offer volunteer grants are outsourcing helping hands to eligible nonprofit organizations.

A corporation with this kind of program might offer (for example) $250 to a nonprofit once an employee has volunteered at least 10 hours with the organization. 

There are also pay-per-hour grants that many corporations offer that pay a certain amount per hour volunteered. This kind of socially responsible program is a win-win for every party involved.

Employees of corporations are seen volunteering and donating their time to important causes in the community, and nonprofits are receiving free time and volunteer work, which are essential for the success of so many nonprofits.

3. Forging Corporate Partnerships

Yet another positive impact corporate social responsibility has on nonprofit organizations is the possibility of corporate partnerships.

These partnerships are vital to the work a corporation can do in the local community and important to a nonprofit that may not have the resources for major marketing campaigns.

For a nonprofit organization, a partnership with a local or national corporation puts its name on tons of marketing materials that otherwise could not have been afforded on tight budgets.

A key benefit is that the partnership brings additional awareness to the nonprofit’s cause.

4. Varied Sources of Revenue

Nonprofits cannot solely rely on individual donations for support.

Granted, individuals make up roughly three-fourths of an organization’s total monetary contributions, but this doesn’t mean that nonprofits should discount corporations and businesses as viable sources of revenue.

In fact, companies with strong corporate social responsibility programs are looking for nonprofits to be the recipient of grants, matching gift programs, and volunteer grant programs.

CSR initiatives can help nonprofits make up that left over 25% after they’ve looked to individual donors.

Source: double the donation Website

 Some companies or bank in Iran such as Snap or Saman Bank are Corporate Social Responsibility. 

Do you know other Iranian social responsibility companies?

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