Set up a winning crowdfunding campaign and reach out to local businesses to donate to it or help sponsor any coinciding events you’re hosting. 

You’re more likely to secure a donation if the company can see your campaign and how well-supported it is by the community.

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5 of the Best Crowdfunding Sites for Charitable Giving

Giving to charity online through crowdfunding has been a resounding success, with dozens of giving sites scattered across the web. Why? Because they help all types of donors to quickly and conveniently find worthy causes to support.

Crowdfunding sites bring together many charities in one place, so a potential donordoes not have to hop around looking for individual charities. And nonprofits, whatever their size, can find a home where they can reach donors quickly. 

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Here are several of the most popular charitable giving websites that provide information about many charities and causes. They are terrific places to start your journey towards a lifetime of charitable giving or to experience the joy of fundraising yourself.

1: Network for Good

Besides powering many online giving sites, Network for Good has its own website where donors can give to their favorite charities, keep all their giving records in one place, and spread the word about those charities to friends.

2: Razoo

A "razoo" is a coin of the smallest value. This site believes that it doesn't take millions of dollars to make a difference. The greatest opportunities for change lie in the hands of everyday philanthropists who want to help others.

3: Charity Navigator

If you'd rather be safe than sorry about your charitable contributions and enjoy a bit of research, try donating through Charity Navigator.

Charity Navigator rates charities based on very strict criteria that include financial health, transparency, and accountability. Plus, there is a trove of useful information including the ratings for listed charities, ranging from one to four stars.

4: Generosity by Indiegogo

Indiegogo has become a darling of crowdfunding over the past few years. Until recently, the postings included startups raising money, individuals raising money for a new idea, and charitable causes by individuals or nonprofits.

5: Crowdrise

Crowdrise is the answer to Millennial fundraising. Started just a few years ago by actor Ed Norton and his friends, Crowdrise turned fundraising on its ear. 

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Iranian Crowdfunding Sites such as Donate, Mehrabane and Fundino are active in charitable fundraising.
Do you know other Iranian Crowdfunding startups?